• Audyt managerski

    Managerial Audit

    A method for identifying and defining the competencies of the management team as a team, which enables the optimal use of an individual employee’s potential within the company’s structure. This tool can be used during the recruitment process.

  • Outplacement


    A program of monitored redundancies implemented in the case of employment restructuring. Its aim is to alleviate the effects of redundancies in the company through assistance and support offered to redundant employees in search of new employment opportunities.

  • ssessment/Development Center

    Assessment / Development Center

    A method for assessing a candidate’s professional predispositions enabling the verification of theoretical knowledge and assessment of practical skills. The multi-faceted evaluation of the candidate’s predispositions assists in predicting how the candidate will manage in a new work environment.

  • choaching


    An interactive process aimed at helping individual employees or employee groups to identify areas for improvement in order to accelerate the pace of development, achieve better results, and define the sources of motivation.