Outplacement (a soft redundancy system) is a program implemented inter alia in the case of the restructuring of the workplace, whose main task is to provide broad-based assistance to redundant employees in finding a new place of employment. Other tasks of the system include the maximum alleviation of the effects of redundancies in the company, including maintaining good internal relations after the employment restructuring. Outplacement, defined in such a way, focuses on both departing and remaining employees while at the same time enabling the company to maintain a positive image on the local market.


Scope of support


Outplacement is a program implemented on three levels:


#1. Employees leaving the company

In its classic form, the outplacement program is aimed primarily at employees who, as a result of employment reductions in their current workplace, will soon find their way to the labour market. The following, among others, is provided to them:

– professional psychological support (self-assessment, motivation to find new employment, etc.),

– career counseling (preparation of CV and cover letter, help in choosing the most suitable job offers, preparation for job interviews),

– direct access to job offers consistent with competences and ambitions.


#2. Employees remaining with the company

Outplacement is a program that also permits the maintenance of good relations within the company, and these play a key role in its survival and further development. For this purpose, various HR tools are used with the aim of:

– increasing employee loyalty towards the employer,

– raising the level of awareness of employer’s loyalty towards employees,

– motivating employees to further work.


#3. Image

A company deciding to reduce the number of employees must take into account the negative reactions of the immediate environment. By providing support to outgoing employees and improving working conditions, outplacement has a positive impact on the perception of a restructured company on the local market. It allows the company to maintain a positive image in the local media, among the community, and among potential employees and contractors of the company.